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About Us

The iHide Message App by: Klacsó Péter ( Ginopapa ) https://pecsxcode.wordpress.com
Sources editing support: Parti Albert ( appsyscode ) http://www.appsyscode.com , Goretity Árpád ( H2CO3 )
Language: Banyár György ( Gyurma ) and George Csere

Apple refused to publish the iHide Message App because the developer does not provide access to the encryption algorithm for the NSA!
The Application is for free, please if you can support the cost of the server maintenance by paypal payment or press banner advertising!
iHide App is a 2048 bit coded text message and 2048-bit keys protected with digital signatures message sender application.
The message can only be read by the receiving person and the message can be read only once thats the default setting, after reading, the message gets deleted from the server. Delete can be turned off in the settings section but not recommended!
The encryption is done on the device and not on the server, because of this, full encryption protects the message at the moment of the sending, therefor in the case of a server attack the hacker will not find anything but gobbledygook (garbage characters).
The message is encrypted with a separate key and two more installments is enrolled in two independent server.
All personal data is stored encoded, as a result of this, confirming the the user's identity is not possible even from the developer's part.
App does not contain any open-source encryption technology, encryption algorithms, custom development and no rear door open even a government agency!
iHide App is available in three languages: English, German, Hungarian
Must install the jailbreak !!!

You can send support to the developer team!! THX


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Writing hidden private message

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data backup is not on the server

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